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Knee Injuries due to car accident – a common and often overlooked injury.
An often-overlooked injury in most auto accidents is that of the knee. Knee injury from auto accidents is a common injury that is sustained as a result of a vehicle collision. Knee injury from auto accidents occurs with a sudden violent exterior impact to the knee or a severe twisting or hyper extension of the leg that results in trauma to the knee.

There are literally hundreds of ways that your knees can be injured in an auto accident, from sprains, to strains to tears. Initially the injured knee may feel painful or be swollen but often symptoms can be delayed. It is important to understand that any knee injury that does not show signs of improvement within a few days of your car accident should be diagnosed and treated by a doctor. To do otherwise not only risks further injury and pain but more importantly, could be risking potential permanent damage.

One of the most common types of knee injury from an auto accident is an Anterior auto accident physician clearwaterCruciate Ligament injury, this type of injury accounts for seventy percent of all knee injuries. ACL knee injury from an auto accident occurs when the knee joint is forced into extreme torsion causing the ACL to stretch or tear. Severity of these types of injuries varies depending on the extent of ACL damage. The ACL can tear – resulting in mild pain without joint instability, or a complete rupture can occur between
the ligament and the bone – resulting in severe disability and complete loss of joint stability.

car accident doctorAnother type of knee injury from auto accidents is a Posterior Collateral Ligament, or PCL. This is the result of a direct violent blow to a bent knee, (when an auto accident victim’s knee impacts the dashboard or some other motionless object, for example.) The symptoms of a PCL knee injury from auto accidents include pain, swelling, and significant or total knee instability. Meniscal injury, patella dislocation, tendon rupture, and fracture can also occur in a knee injury from an accident.

A less common type of knee injury in an auto accident is injury to the Medial Collateral Ligament or MCL. This type of knee injury from auto accidents occurs less often but is caused more easily if the impact in an accident damages these ligaments. The MCL is located on the inner side of the knee area but outside the knee joint.

The Lateral Collateral Ligament, or LCL, can also be damaged in knee injury from an auto accident. Victims who have suffered an MCL or LCL knee injury from accidents may feel and hear a pop in the affected knee. The symptoms and treatment of these knee injuries closely resemble those of an ACL injury.

New studies show that knees are commonly injured in car crashes . These knee injuries are sometimes overlooked as individuals have associated neck or back injures that initially may take precedence. However, an acute knee injury may result in knee arthritis later in life if proper medical attention isn’t received.

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