If you are suffering headaches from an auto injury, call the Clearwater office of David Wall, MD.

Following a car accident people are often seen in the emergency room and treated for neck or back injuries.  If the injuries are not life threatening they are sent home with medication and told to rest.    Unfortunately, for some, they will start to have persistent, often daily headaches, even if they have never suffered from headaches previously.  Those with a history of headaches will sometimes find their headaches getting worse or developing a different “type” of headache.

For many people, the headaches will go away in a week or two.  The pain medicationauto injury doctor St. Pete given to them by the emergency room doctor or an over the counter pain medication may be all that is required to relieve the pain until it eventually subsides on its own.  But some people will not respond to these medications and headaches persist and can even worsen over time.   

Don’t forget, like all other headache syndromes, lifestyle is very important. Regular sleep cycles, good diet and exercise as tolerated can help the headaches get better.

But what if the headaches don’t go away? Or they get worse?

The key to post traumatic headache syndrome is to see your physician and be treated. If the headaches are severe, specific medical testing may be indicated.  In most cases, post traumatic headaches following an auto injury result from either trauma to the cervical spine  the neck) or post concussive syndrome.

The Office of David Wall, MD can help you find the cause and the right solution to end your headache pain.
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